About Us
Meet Dede
Hi, I'm Dede. When I began my photography career, I never anticipated nor desired to become a wedding photographer. However, when asked to be a second shooter for someones big day, I immediately knew that weddings were it for me. I never wanted to walk into a studio again! I confess, I always get a little nervous before weddings, but once I arrive I love every minute. One of my favorite things about being a wedding photographer is getting to know the families and hearing their stories; it is one of the most rewarding parts of the job.

Beyond that...
- I require one cup of coffee to start my day properly.
- I go to the gym five days a week.
- I can be known to be overdressed at times.
- I enjoy a good book whenever I can find the time.
- I love chick flicks, sugar, and spending time with my family.
- If I had my choice, I would sleep in late every day and have every vacation include a beach.

~ Dede
Not Just Two Girls With A Camera Bag
We were strangers until mutual friends introduced us. We continued to run into each other at the gym (we love our fitness!), and after spending time together in our circle of mutual friends, we became friends too. Soon after, we also became partners in crime working on shoots together (Ginny would help Dede in her free time, carrying her equipment on shoots). One weekend led to two, and after eight years of working together, and attending photography seminars, we are still best friends.

We have such a close friendship, we may as well be sisters. We work out together, spend our workdays together, shoot weddings together, and have been spotted grocery shopping together!! Ginnys attention to detail compliments Dedes disorganized desk full of yellow post-it notes. We both appreciate a good book, a relaxing day on the beach and a glass of pinot.
We get each other, which makes us not only the best of friends, but also a super fun pair to work with.
Meet Ginny
Hi, I'm Ginny. I stumbled into photography and have been surprised by how much I enjoy being a part of someones wedding; not to mention working along side my best friend! I enjoy photographing weddings because I am surrounded by design, style and fashion, all things that I have loved for as long as I can remember. I am Dede's number one fan, stylist, IT specialist and partner in crime. I design wedding albums, work alongside Dede at weddings, and help get things done around the office.

Beyond that...
- I like running, biking and hiking the rocky mountains of Colorado.
- I love overnight shipping from Zappos.
- My favorite time of day is the early morning.
- I think a glass of pinot and goat cheese should qualify as a balanced meal.
- I am a hopeless romantic. Though I have never been married, I do hope to find love someday soon. Until then, I live vicariously through our clients.

~ Ginny
Words To Live By...
....if your dreams don't scare you, they're not big enough.
What to expect
We often get asked by our clients what the day will look like if they hire us. Are you curious, too? Here's a little insight to give you a good idea of what to come if you hire us:

Six weeks before the wedding, we will send you a questionnaire regarding the must-have shots you want taken on the special day. This ensures that we dont miss anything in the excitement of the wedding!

The week of your wedding, we will set up a time for a quick phone chat to go over any last minute details about your day.

We show two hours prior to the ceremony, unless doing a first look. If that's the case, we show up three hours before to allow sufficient time to capture the couple together.

Everything starts at the location of where the bride is getting ready. There, we take detail shots of the dress, shoes, flowers, etc. We also take tasteful shots of the bride getting dressed and snap some photos of her with her bridesmaids.

After that, we go see the guys and do the same as above only with boys!

For the ceremony, Dede positions herself down at the alter and Ginny stays back with the bride and her father (or the person who is walking her down the aisle). They both work the ceremony from different angles to ensure the whole day is captured properly.

After the ceremony, we do family pictures with whoever is listed on the shot list, and will take as many photos as are requested.

Following the family photos, we photograph the entire bridal party, then just the bride and groom together.

In addition to the ceremony, we work the reception together till the end of the night.

Have any questions? We'd be happy to answer them! You can contact us directly by email at dede@dedeedwards.com, or by phone at 850.543.0426. We look forward to working with you!
Dede's Favorite Things..
1. My first cup of coffee in the morning
2. Water {I never leave home without it }
3. Seeing my son in the bow tie
4. Overnight shipping from Zappos
5. My Toms
6. Peppermint Patties
7. Diet Coke {currently NOT drinking}
8. Sticky Notes {I have them ALL over my desk & it drives Ginny CRAZY}
9. My Dog & Cat {endless entertainment}
10. A Good Book
11. The Beach
12. Sleeping Late
13. Friends & Family {LOVE them}
14. My Ugg slippers
15. Sugar...in any form
Photo Credit: Amanda Suanne
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