Wayne Pope  Photographs are heavenly!  4/13/14, 9:29PM
Therese Pope  Such wonderful moments captured. Thanks for a super job!  4/13/14, 9:22PM
Lindsey  Beautiful photos!  4/8/14, 10:16AM
Jennifer Purington   The pictures turned out great. I love the artistic style of the photographers. Kristen you looked beautiful. Congratulations!  3/28/14, 10:16PM
Kevin Gilley  The photos look great! Kailey and I loved sharing the day with you guys.  3/28/14, 1:12PM
Kailey Gilley  Beautiful! I especially love the picture of Mrs. Witbeck in front of the woods! I can't wait to see even more!  3/28/14, 1:07PM
Tryssa P  The pictures are absolutely gorgeous!!! The lighting on the pictures with the wedding dress are incredible! I am so happy for you guys and wish you a lifetime of happiness! <3  3/25/14, 9:18AM
Barrett H.  The pictures on the water look so great. Sunset on the bay was a great idea.  3/25/14, 9:04AM
Matthew W  The garter is mine! My favorite pic is the one of Brandon and Kristen holding hands with the palms in the background. I like the way the flowers on the table look too.  3/22/14, 2:19PM
E. Witbeck  I love these pictures and am anxious to see more. It was a "fun" wedding and the pictures have captured that feeling  3/21/14, 5:09PM
Simon Bailey  My favorite is the garter toss: Matthew Witbeck is either "boxing out" the other competitors or acting like a T-Rex. Great wedding and great photos to capture the memories!  3/21/14, 1:23PM
Laura Dardaman  These are fabulous teasers making us hunger for more...can't wait! And I must additionally praise Dede for her phenomenal patience with all of us obnoxious family members with our cameras. May your future wedding gigs have far fewer camera bugs, Dede! ??  3/21/14, 10:42AM
Brandon Witbeck  Dede and Ginny did an awesome job with the pictures and even helped us schedule some of the reception events to help things run smoothly. Thanks so much!  3/21/14, 9:43AM