Jen Howard  Beautiful wedding, Jen! You are the most beautiful bride! Congratulations! Wishing you and your family many years of happiness together!  3/19/14, 11:32AM
Donda Sternberg  Absolutely amazing pictures- really very breath taking- so happy for all of you! A true treasure- enjoy them !  3/18/14, 9:31PM
Michele. Kraus  Beautiful wedding!  3/18/14, 7:58PM
Larissa Fordham  Absolutely beautiful! You guys look like models and the photographers did a great job!  3/18/14, 7:21PM
Rodger Tate  I'm a proud daddy. What a marvelous set of photos. Great job capturing the moments, Dede & Ginny!!  3/18/14, 7:12PM
Don Gerst  These are great! A wonderful job of capturing a very special day.  3/18/14, 6:11PM
Justin Tate  My baby sister is all grown up! Dede & Ginny, you all did a truly amazing job capturing the moment!  3/18/14, 5:40PM
Jennifer Kraus  Wow guys, these are amazing...Looking through just these few are making me emotional because it's like I get to live the day over again. What a great job! I can't wait to see the rest :) We'll definitely book you guys again before "September" comes!  3/18/14, 5:07PM