Mary Catherine McClellan  Kati, you were a STUNNING bride!!  6/6/13, 8:15PM
Amanda Peck  Beautiful pictures! Congrats!  5/30/13, 4:29PM
Kim Walker  You look so beautiful. Great pictures.  5/30/13, 4:29PM
Kim Nixon  Congrats Katie, you look beautiful!!!!!  5/30/13, 3:43PM
elizabeth nichols  WOW - these are beautiful pics but how could they not be with a subject like KATI???? I can't wait to see the rest either!!!  5/28/13, 5:52PM
Giny Knudsen  Fabulous pictures!! More, More!!  5/27/13, 8:59PM
Lisa Handly  What a fun wedding! These pictures are awesome!!  5/27/13, 9:40AM
Robert Rhea  Such great picture, and great wedding!  5/26/13, 1:14PM
Jessica rhea  Gorgeous pictures  5/25/13, 8:55AM
Jessica  GORGEOUS!! They are all so good! What fun memories!! Can't wait to see the rest!!  5/25/13, 8:37AM
Leslie Black  What beautiful pictures!!!!! Kati you are a beautiful bride!!!!  5/25/13, 7:52AM
Amanda  Gorgeous pictures! Such a fabulous wedding weekend!  5/24/13, 6:09PM
Amanda  Gorgeous pictures! Such a fabulous wedding weekend!  5/24/13, 6:09PM
Robert  Great pictures, Dede!! The last one sums it up!!! Kati, you are amazing!!! Caleb, you lookin' good too!  5/24/13, 4:14PM
John Routledge  What a beautiful bride !! I know your Mom & Dad are very proud of you! Always, Best Wishes...  5/24/13, 2:53PM
Amanda  Great pics! Congratulations!  5/24/13, 2:43PM
caleb cook  Dede, thank you so much! Pictures are great, but lets be honest you had a lot to work with!!  5/24/13, 2:08PM
KARIN  Kati - you're so beautiful and the photos are just gorgeous! I love seeing all of you girls who have been friends for more than half your lives -- you've all grown up to be just magnificent! Hugs & congratulations from Jessica's mom!  5/24/13, 2:02PM
Tim  Those pictures are great!!!  5/24/13, 1:20PM
Brittany Cook  These pictures are awesome!! Kati, you look so beautiful:)  5/24/13, 1:00PM
Vicky Cook Rhea  I just can't get over what wonderful pictures that were taken, it just doesn't get any better than that!  5/24/13, 12:57PM
Danny  One of the best wedding EVER! Had an awesome time!  5/24/13, 12:48PM
Joe Kilroy  Great pic's, what an awesome wedding!!!  5/24/13, 12:23PM
Rita Baumgartner  Absolutely Beautiful  5/24/13, 12:00PM
Melissa Kilroy  These are absolutely incredible!!! I can't even pick a favorite! Can't wait to see the rest.  5/24/13, 11:49AM
Kati  Dede, they are amazing!!  5/24/13, 11:07AM