Penny Kessler  Beautiful pictures!  11/7/12, 3:00PM
Joan and David Stockton  Love our little Vivi!  11/6/12, 9:23PM
Chris & Dave Nitschk  Weezer and Dave loves these pictures!!!!  11/6/12, 9:23PM
Michele Watson  Great family pictures!! Vivi is absolutely adorable.  11/6/12, 10:01AM
ellie  glad i have a hot family.  11/5/12, 6:28PM
Nicholas Roth  Vivi is absolutely beautiful....Great family pics!! I must say....this is one amazing photographer!!!!  11/5/12, 5:45PM
Jennie Anne Roth  Love, Love, Love this pics of The Mills!!!!! Can't wait to see the rest!!  11/5/12, 2:34PM