DeVende Photography  Fun photos! Keep up the great work!  10/16/12, 1:45AM
RHONDA  Love! It sparkles like diamonds! Congrats to you two! and all your hard work!  10/11/12, 5:37PM
Andrea Roberts  Love your new page...and both of you!  10/11/12, 1:53PM
Terri  Love the new website! And momma needs a new pair of shoes. Pick me!  10/11/12, 10:00AM
Shelby Peaden  Super Cute! You and Ginny are adorable. xoxo  10/10/12, 10:47PM
Kate H  I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new website! Reading all of the fun little blurbs about you two and seeing the fun pictures made me love you two more! And Sundog Books may be my favorite bookstore in the world! I cannot wait to have y'all shoot our wedding in June! As far as shoes there is an awesome pair of Rebecca Minkoff Uma flats that I have been eyeing ... you can never have too many cute flats!!  10/10/12, 2:53PM
Renee Hawkins  Love the new page. Love the new pics you you two! So photogenic!  10/10/12, 12:34PM
Barbara  Love, love, love the new website. It is amazing!  10/10/12, 11:29AM
Dan  Love the new website ladies!!!  10/10/12, 12:00AM
Lauren @ ELD  Love it!!!!!!!  10/9/12, 2:42PM
Laurie Barlow  This looks fabulous! You guys look pretty awesome too! I'm always looking for the perfect flat - the more comfy the better :)  10/9/12, 2:19PM
Ashley D.  The site looks great guys! So excited for you both! Hmmm, I am in need of a nice tall boot, but I'm in need of a comfortable shoe to shoot weddings in even more. So I'd probably look at something like this:!!  10/9/12, 1:16PM
bethany cox  So awesome!! I love the new blog. It looks so sleek. Nicely played... I think I would either put the $50 towards dress boots or rain boots... i haven't decided yet :)  10/9/12, 10:46AM