Amber  Thanks guys! We had a lot of fun w Dede and Ginny. They brought out the best in us! Can't wait to see you all on the big day. :)  3/28/12, 7:26PM
Terri  GAH! You get the prettiest brides. Hate you... not... maybe.  3/13/12, 9:10AM
Tia Husa  LIVE! LOVE! LAUGH! The pictures are amazing. Amber - I love to see you so happy and full of life. I can't wait to see you in May and finally meet Ben. Is anyone else traveling to your wedding from this far away!?!? ;) Well, super pics!  3/5/12, 9:01AM
Amy Churchward  Love, love, love the photos! Beautiful! Can't wait for the May wedding!! :) love you both!! <3  3/2/12, 1:05PM
Linds McManus  these are absolutely stunning. you are such a beautiful couple !!  3/1/12, 7:56PM
Andrew Bell  You both look like models! Awesome pics guys!  3/1/12, 1:02AM
Jessica Gordon  So beautiful! Love it! Great work on all accounts!  3/1/12, 1:00AM
Kitty Gordon  The best to both of you. All of the photos were beautiful.  2/29/12, 2:30PM
Gail Bowling  Holy beautiful. Love, love, love them all. Especially the beach shots. Amber you look gorgeous. And you both look so in love. Very happy for both of you.  2/29/12, 1:25PM
Amy B  Love them all!! How will you ever choose??? Amazing pics Dede. I am so happy you and Ben found each other and cannot wait for the BIG day! xoxoxo  2/29/12, 2:04AM
Abbie  LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT: Your joy, laughter and love are portrayed in these fabulous pictures! Simply gorgeous dahlin! Hugs  2/29/12, 1:23AM
Ceola Odom  How beautiful! What a great couple! So happy for you.  2/29/12, 12:56AM
Crissy   Beautiful!! Congrats and best wishes to you two. xoxo!!!!  2/28/12, 11:34PM
Jeni Sistrunk  Amber and Ben, The pictures are AMAZING! Brought tears to my eyes! I am so happy for you!  2/28/12, 6:56PM
Barbara   You really brought out the love here. Very amazing. So nice  2/28/12, 5:46PM
Angela  Love love!! Absolutley lovely photos!! So happy for you guys:))  2/28/12, 4:39PM
Kel  Amber! These pictures are amazing! Tears of joy for you and Ben. I can see the LOVE captured in theses pictures. Great job DeDe!!!  2/28/12, 4:25PM
Andrea   Beach pics are my favorites!!!  2/28/12, 2:47PM
Andrea  Love it!!!  2/28/12, 2:44PM
megan kennedy  LOVE these - beautiful couple. Can't wait for the Big Day! XOX  2/28/12, 2:24PM
Donise  All of the pics are great! I'm with Katrina, so hard not to get emotional. You and Ben are so fortunate to have found each other. The black and whites really portray how you feel about each other.  2/28/12, 2:16PM
Michele  Amber-your eyes look amazing against the backdrop of the sky. Ben-you can tell how much you adore her. Beautiful pictures you two!!!!  2/28/12, 2:00PM
Holly  Beach pics are my favorite! That's simply "You and Ben"  2/28/12, 1:58PM
Mary Lemonis  Beautiful pictures Amber & Ben, love them!!!!  2/28/12, 1:57PM
Holly   The scarf worked out great!  2/28/12, 1:57PM
Amanda  Absolutely stunning! You both look gorgeous and so very happy!  2/28/12, 1:42PM
MaryAnn  Yall look absolutely gorgeous! Amber, you are beautiful inside and out and these pictures capture that perfectly:) cant wait for yalls big day.  2/28/12, 1:35PM
Maria  Ahhhhhmazing! Beautiful photos of a beautiful couple. This is what life is about!!  2/28/12, 1:35PM
Ashley  Absolutely STUNNING photos of a stunning couple!!! Not to mention the location is one of my favorite places :)  2/28/12, 1:16PM
Katrina  Such beautiful pics!! They gave me happy tears :-)  2/28/12, 1:10PM
Aron  Beautiful De.  2/28/12, 1:07PM